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Clinical Assessments

Imagine Recovery provides in-depth Clinical Assessments in a caring and personal environment. The 90-minute to 2-hour process allows clients time to unfold their story naturally and at a comfortable pace. Our skilled clinicians gain insight into each client’s unique history, strengths, and needs in an empathic and noninvasive manner.  We strongly believe that the benefits of a clinical assessment rely upon clients and their families receiving assurance that they have been heard and understood. Imagine Recovery is a dual-diagnosis program and provides onsite Psychiatric Evaluations and ongoing medication management with Dr. Peter Mahony. All clinical evaluations are client-centered with the sole purpose of connecting people with supportive services that best address their individual treatment goals.  

Imagine Recovery invites anyone who desires a thorough Clinical Assessment to reach out to us; there is no prerequisite for problematic substance use.  

For those interested in attending Imagine Recovery’s programs, participation in the assessment process is required prior to admission to ensure that each client is connected with the appropriate services from his or her first day of treatment.