Imagine: Origins

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While attending a recovery fundraiser at a friend’s house in early 2017, we were heartbroken to learn that our Uptown New Orleans community lost several members last year due to substance use and suicide. We know that substance misuse and mental health issues know no boundaries, yet were saddened to learn of lives lost, families shattered and communities devastated. Perhaps with early interventions, and the chance to imagine what a life in recovery can be, each of these individuals could have found a different, positive recovery path…

We were immediately inspired to take action, and thus, our Imagine Recovery journey began. Our new abstinence-based Outpatient Program is located in the heart of Uptown New Orleans, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to educate, support and serve our local community, as well as those moving here in early recovery.

When we reached out to the New Orleans mental health professional community, the response was overwhelming. We feel so fortunate to have found and hired like-minded, inspired, local Imagine Recovery team members who share our vision of creating a new and unique program for our beloved city. Knowing we needed time to bond and truly connect with one another, we began working together two months prior to our opening date. This is a very personal calling for us. Imagine Recovery is a deeply personal, individual and family recovery focused program. Come to our creative and nurturing space and you will feel it.

Our dedicated and open-hearted clinical and leadership teams are here to provide education and therapy, hope and solutions, connection and collaboration. New Orleans is a spectacular, vibrant city that has so much to offer! We are here to help you imagine what a life in recovery in New Orleans and beyond can be!

Christopher and Felicia

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