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Intensive Outpatient Program

Imagine Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a great step towards creating the life you want to live. The program is designed to serve adults 18 and older who seek recovery from substance misuse and abuse. Our clinical staff consists of experienced and licensed Masters level clinicians trained to address co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and more. 

Imagine offers Day IOP Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm. Each client is assigned a primary therapist upon admission and receives a one-hour individual session once per week. Family and couples sessions are available as well.

Clients participate in a 10-week program designed to establish comfort in an abstinence-centered lifestyle that facilitates self-exploration, self-awareness, joy, and confidence in maintaining long-term recovery. We incorporate music, art, gardening, food health and physical wellness exploration at Imagine. Families are a very important part of our program; they are welcome and encouraged to participate in our education and processing-based Family Group. 


Imagine Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program Services Provided:

  • Group therapy three (3) times per week, three (3) hours per session

  • Weekly individual therapy sessions

  • Family education and therapy

  • Psychoeducation on Substance Misuse, Addiction and Mental Health

  • Introduction to the 12 Steps and program basics

  • Knowledge of alternative recovery programs

  • Referral to trusted, vetted Professionals and Services

Imagine Recovery provides clients with an introduction to the 12-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. It is our belief that attendance and participation in 12-step programming offers our clients the opportunity to join a worldwide recovery community and continue their growth post-treatment. Clients will also learn about alternative recovery options such as S.M.A.R.T. Recovery and Refuge Recovery and participation in their program(s) of choice will be supported.


Group Descriptions


Psychoeducation Group

Objective: Learn strategies to make staying sober easier.  Provides opportunities to practice new behavioral skills in a safe environment. Offers education and support.  Reviewing educational material. Learning about addiction. Learning the steps and skills of recovery.

Practice Methods: MI, ACT, CBT

Process Group

Objective: Focus is on self-love, acceptance, healthy relationships, & wellness.  Clients learn coping skills & techniques to build self-esteem, identify personal strengths, enhance emotional resilience & distress tolerance, set boundaries, establish effective communication skills, recognize old thinking patterns & beliefs, accept and experience feelings, develop mindfulness, and creating a healthy lifestyle.  

Practice Methods: Positive Psychology, ACT, Mindfulness, MI, CBT, REBT, DBT 

Family and Friends Group

Objective: Present information in a nonthreatening environment to allow clients and their families/friends to begin feeling comfortable and welcome at Imagine. Provide broad spectrum of information that includes family/friends into the recovery process.

Format: PowerPoint, discussions, & panel presentations

Practice Methods: Family Systems, Structural Family, Mindfulness, MI, CBT


Imagine Recovery incorporates the following elements into our group sessions:


Being fully present, aware of one’s body and breath, is a powerful recovery skill proven to enhance mood, motivation, and personal awareness. Imagine Recovery incorporates a variety of mindfulness practices into each group session. Through meditation, nature, art and music, clients learn to safely identify thought patterns and process feelings through the practice of love, kindness and self-compassion.



Psychoeducation groups address the neuroscience of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Through education and support, clients practice new behavioral skills in a safe environment.


Recovery Skills

We understand the challenges of staying sober.  In early recovery, clients frequently experience triggers and intense cravings to use despite their motivation to abstain from alcohol and other drugs. At Imagine, clients learn basic recovery skills that can be practiced immediately to prevent relapse and make sobriety more enjoyable. OP clients acquire Stage II recovery skills. 


Process Groups

Self-love, acceptance, healthy relationships and wellness are essential to a fulfilling life. Clients learn positive coping techniques to accept and experience feelings, develop self-esteem and emotional resilience, identify personal strengths, set boundaries, and establish effective communication skills.


Clients are educated in the importance of nutrition and how healthy living enhances recovery.