“So, my time at Imagine was nothing short of Amazing!! Coming out of a 2-month stint in an in-patient rehab in West Palm beach. I was battling an intense cross addiction with benzodiazepines for my extreme anxiety and alcohol. I was still badly broken and needed the extra help to transition back in to society and get my anxiety under control. The staff at Imagine helped me with that. I owe it to August, Keith and Marianna, the clinical social workers, who gave me the tools I needed to deal with my anxiety and the skills to live my life free of substances. I looked forward to the 3 days a week because I was on a schedule and I knew I was going to learn something that I could apply to my new life. The staff at Imagine cared, always asking how your day is going, if you are ok, if anything is bothering you? You need that when you are making the transition into a sober life. I was greeted every morning by Lauren who cared tremendously and by the founders, Felicia and Chris every afternoon. I want to mention everyone because each employee played a critical role in my transition. It felt so good to have people that have been there and understand first-hand what you’re going through. 

I know for a fact I wouldn’t have over 11 months of sobriety without Imagine and their caring staff. This is 5-star rehabilitation. I would recommend Imagine to anyone and everyone who want to get out of the heaviness of addiction, and simply, learn how to live life again. A big thanks to the entire staff at Imagine.

- Scott V.

Felicia Kleinpeter