Imagine graduate Brooke B. poem 6.3.19


As the door opens, a warm inviting light
Bright, colorful art on the wall in sight

An uptown shotgun converted with care
A safe, sacred space for many to share

To grow and heal and figure things out
To see what “a sober lifestyle” is all about

My 10 weeks at Imagine have gone by so fast
The lessons & love in my heart will always last

The patterns on this rug I will never forget
The tears I shed without one regret

I’ve learned to love myself a lil more each day
To look in the mirror & know it’s going to be OK

So as this chapter of my book comes to its end
For those in this circle, we’ll all stay friends

To the staff at Imagine, to the coffee and cashews
To this clean, happy mindset I hope never to lose

Brooke B.
June 3, 2019
#90 days sober

Felicia Kleinpeter