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Introducing: Ask Our Medical Director Series

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new series: “Ask Our Medical Director”, featuring the expertise of Dr. José Calderón-Abbo, M.D. FASAM.

In this series, Dr. Calderón will be addressing frequently asked questions about addiction psychiatry, providing invaluable insights and guidance. Here’s the first question:

What role does medication play in the treatment of addiction and mental health issues?

Dr. Calderón’s Response:

Medications can play various roles in the treatment of addiction and mental health issues, ranging from being recommended, indicated, to necessary.

  1. Recommended: In cases of mild to moderate symptoms or when symptoms persist despite attempts with non-medication-based approaches, medications may be recommended. These can help alleviate barriers to recovery and facilitate progress.
  2. Indicated: For moderate to severe symptoms that significantly hinder recovery progress or conditions posing a high risk if left untreated, medications are indicated. For instance, recurrent episodes of major depression or frequent panic attacks (moderate to severe panic disorder) may require medication intervention to enable effective management.
  3. Necessary: In certain cases, medications are deemed necessary, particularly in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioids. MAT has been proven to save lives by reducing the risk of overdose and supporting recovery efforts. Similarly, in some medical conditions, medication becomes indispensable for managing symptoms and improving overall well-being.

Understanding the appropriate role of medications in addiction psychiatry is crucial for tailoring treatment plans to individual needs and maximizing the chances of successful recovery.

Stay tuned for more insightful answers from Dr. José Calderón-Abbo, M.D. FASAM, in our upcoming posts!

Healthcare Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute the offering of medical advice or professional services. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician.

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