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Meetings at Imagine Therapy & Community

734 Nashville Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70115
“the red door”

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings

Page 132 Group
Wednesdays 7:00-8:00am

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) Big Book Study
Fridays 7:00-8:00am
”Closed” meeting

Open on Sundays
Sundays 12:00-1:00pm
Contact Franke W at (504) 920-4365 or Jimmy K at (504) 343-7675 for more information

ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) meetings

Beautiful Changes
Tuesday nights at 6:00pm
Chosen Literature: All ACA-approved literature, specifically “The Loving Parent Guidebook” which can be purchased from adultchildren.org. All are welcome with or without “The Loving Parent Guidebook.”
Contact Renee at (203) 434-5564 for more information

Help Wanted

Thursday nights 7:15-8:15pm
Contact Renee at (203) 434-5564 for more information

Al-Anon meetings

Live and Let Live
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm

Paths to Recovery Step Study
Sundays 3:00-4:00pm

CoDA (Co-Dependents Anonymous) meeting

Freedom to Change NOLA CoDA
Fridays 6:00-7:00pm
Hybrid meeting
Meeting ID 979 650 4308

Nola Sober Society community recovery meetings

Sundays 9:00-10:00am

Come join a group of like-minded people that offer support and open discussions related to our shared sober journey. We also plan social events to enjoy our beautiful city without the alcohol.

All are welcome.

Follow us @nolasober on Instagram and drop us a line if you have any questions.
Contact Amy at (504) 231-7908 for more information

Nola Sober Squad community recovery meetings

Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm (book study focused on emotional sobriety)

We are a community recovery support group for those with an interest in/desire to get and stay sober.

We respect all paths to recovery and welcome each individual as they are and wherever they are on their journey.

We are non-dogmatic, non-programmatic, and inclusive; above all, we lead with compassion.Our mission is to foster connection between members of the community in support of our commitment to recovery.

Contact Liz at (504) 319-4414 for more information

Ram Dass Satsang

Ram Dass Satsang New Orleans
Sundays (every other week beginning 3/27/22) at 5:00pm
Contact Jessica at (504) 756-1697

SMART Recovery meeting

Saturdays 10:30am-12:00pm
Facilitated by John Antonucci, LPC, LAC and Mary Kay Staten Long

Recovery Meeting at Imagine House

11 Marlborough Gate Place
Uptown, New Orleans, LA 70115

Recovery Meeting

Fridays at 5:15pm
11 Marlborough Gate Place
New Orleans, LA 70115
All are welcome

New Orleans AA In-person and Virtual Meetings

Visit links below for more information

Alcoholics Anonymous Virtual Meetings

Felicia’s California home group:

Meeting Name: Daily Reprieve
Fellowship Hall, Palm Desert, CA
Day: Monday-Saturday
Time: 5:30 AM PST / 7:30 AM CST
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 820 6795 5281

Meeting Name: Sunday Reprieve
Fellowship Hall, Palm Desert, CA
Day: Sunday
Time: 6:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM CST
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 820 6795 5281

Call Felicia at 225-937-1132 if you have trouble logging in

New Orleans AA Meetings

Virtual Meetings

Visit links below for more information

EDA (Eating Disorders Anonymous) meeting

Saturdays 6:30-7:30pm
Virtual Only
Zoom link
Meeting ID: 863 9623 0327
Passcode: imagine
Group step study starting March 5th
Contact Alayna at (504) 258 9347 for more information

Imagine Zoom Sunday

Sundays at 10:30am CST
Meeting ID: 408 562 335

MusiCares Aftercare Group

Imagine Recovery MusiCares Aftercare Group
Thursdays from 4:00-5:00pm CST, lead by August Boyd, LCSW
All musicians and music industry folks are welcome to attend

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 998 0485 9290
Password: 505077

Call Felicia at 225-937-1132 for technical support if you have trouble connecting

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery online meetings:

Mon: 6:30-8:00 pm
Tue: 7:00-8:15 am
Wed: 6:00-7:30 pm
Fri: 6:30-8:00 pm

Click here for Zoom link
Meeting ID: 989 394 9475
Password: 424948
Call in number (312) 626-6799

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MusiCares Aftercare Group (on Zoom)

Jun 26, 2022

Imagine Zoom Sunday

Jun 23, 2022

MusiCares Aftercare Group (on Zoom)

Jun 23, 2022

MusiCares Aftercare Group (on Zoom)

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