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Alcohol Addiction

Initially, a person may start drinking socially, as part of youthful experimentation or to self-soothe a mental health issue. Then, without knowing it, their alcohol misuse can spiral out of control. In that case, they end up lost in the world of addiction. As a result, they need professional treatment to turn it all around. Imagine Recovery’s alcohol treatment New Orleans programs know how to help. We offer several outpatient plans that teach you to become sober. In fact, you will learn to love your new sober life. Additionally, we provide transitional living housing for men and women. If you struggle with alcoholism, don’t give up hope. We can show you the way out.

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Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

When someone becomes addicted to alcohol, they start to show signs and symptoms. It can be hard for the person with the addiction to see them. Additionally, loved ones may not know what to look for. Physical signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse include:

  • Poor coordination
  • Shakiness
  • Hangovers
  • Blackouts due to drinking
  • Redness around the nose
  • Slurred speech
  • Change in weight
  • Isolating
  • Spending a lot of money on alcohol
  • Loss of interest in normal activities
  • Need to drink larger amounts of alcohol to get the same effect
  • Withdrawal symptoms when going without drinking for long

In addition, emotional signs and symptoms can happen. These include feelings of depression, anxiety, and moodiness. Furthermore, when these signs occur, it may be time to seek New Orleans alcohol treatment.

When to Seek Alcohol Treatment in New Orleans

As many people drink socially, they do not always think of the dangers of alcohol misuse. That being the case, they may still end up becoming addicted. Then, they need to find alcohol treatment in New Orleans.

A person may not be sure if it’s time to look for treatment yet. If not, they may want to ask themselves some questions. These include:

  • Can you quit drinking after just one or two drinks?
  • Do you have hangovers a lot?
  • Do you have to increase how much you drink because of developing a tolerance
  • Have loved ones told you that you may have a problem?
  • Do you need to drink in order to enjoy social events?
  • Have you turned down offers to socialize in order to drink alone?
  • Have you tried to stop drinking and couldn’t do it?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms if you don’t drink regularly?
  • Did you give up drinking for a period of time, only to start up again?
  • Have you experienced tension or fighting with loved ones related to drinking?
  • Have you been arrested for drunk driving?

If the answer to two or more of these questions is yes, you may need formal treatment.

How is Alcohol Abuse Treated?

Alcohol addiction is a serious medical condition. Because of this, people need professional treatment for it. The first step involves going through detox. This is the process of allowing toxins that built up during addiction to exit the body. Then, many people move into a residential facility for more treatment.

Our center for alcohol treatment in New Orleans offers outpatient services. Each plan contains proven methods that help with treatment for addiction and mental health. We assess each person that comes to us in order to understand their needs. As a result, they can get the help that fits their situation. The programs we offer for alcohol misuse include:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP involves 25 hours per week of treatment and lasts for four to six weeks. The focus is on both substance abuse and mental health. PHP is the most intensive of our treatment plans. Consequently, it offers care just a step down from inpatient levels.

Intensive Outpatient Care (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers ten hours per week of treatment for ten weeks. Clients work on recovering from substance abuse. Along with that, they learn ways to manage their mental health. Individual therapy is included.

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Benefits of New Orleans Alcohol Treatment

Many benefits come from going to alcohol treatment in New Orleans. First, a person learns what contributed to their developing an addiction. This can include past life events such as trauma. As a result, they can learn to deal with these events and leave them behind. Second, rehab helps people understand what triggers them to drink. With that in mind, they can develop healthy ways to combat those triggers.

Individual therapy gives a person the chance to talk about their feelings and fears. Subsequently, they feel a sense of safety and a place to vent. Group therapy also helps with both addiction and mental health issues. When people sharing a common challenge come together to heal, a lot of progress can be made. They can lean on each other and truly feel heard and understood.

Last but not least, the lessons learned in treatment last beyond graduation. Clients can take the skills they’ve gained into the rest of their lives. With this in mind, people feel confident in their ability to stay sober for life. They also will acquire better skills for coping with their mental health.

Begin Alcohol Treatment in New Orleans, LA Today

A life focused on alcohol abuse isn’t the life anyone deserves. You deserve to learn to put the focus on getting sober. Imagine Recovery can help you embrace sobriety and turn your life around. We offer alcohol treatment in New Orleans that includes several outpatient plans. Additionally, we offer a transitional living home for men in recovery called Imagine House. If you are ready to change your life, reach out to admissions now. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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  • I will NEVER forget you and Chris taking my hand and walking me through the hardest time in my life. Your words gave me hope when I needed it the most. I make 6 months this week!!”

    Catilin S.


    I can’t say enough how much Imagine has impacted my life. Being in a new city, I felt lucky and grateful that a place like Imagine was a familiarity and sort-of home base in my life for the first couple months – and I know it will always be there for me moving forward. It has not only helped me build a strong community and confidence as I start this new chapter of my life, but it also has given me tools to continue to succeed in whatever life throws at me.


  • Felicia & Chris,

    We are beyond grateful for what you have done for our son and our family. You caught a soul before he fell too far and redirected the course of his life. What we are learning about epigenetics is that you have not only impacted our son, but also his future children and their children. You are deeply impacting this world. You are both such inspirations to all those that are fortunate enough to know you.

    Parents of an Imagine alumni

    Hi everybody,
    To everyone in the Imagine Family, I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. This truly was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. I promise to come back every now and again because I don’t want to lose touch with the people that changed my life for the better.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you and with love,

    Anonymous male graduate, 24

  • I was sitting outside, enjoying the breeze, watching the trees sway and admiring the beautiful colors. For me, that is a stillness I was once uncomfortable being in. I must admit, I did not think I needed IOP at Imagine after completing a 30-day inpatient program. In fact, I felt I knew all the cliché sayings, read the material, had it thrown at me from every direction, and I would not gain anything from attending IOP post-inpatient treatment. Oh how wrong I was! While attending group meetings and one-on-ones, I gained so much insight, compassion and confidence. I learned to fully forgive, both myself and others. I am more patient when I used to be reactionary. The shell of a person I once considered myself is now humbly strong. And guess what – I like me. I could not have made these leaps without the guidance and suggestions I received at Imagine. I am beyond grateful to have y’all as part of my journey. Thank you so much for everything you do and everything you’ve allowed me to gain through your program. 

    Much Love Ladies 🙂

  • To the wonderful people of Imagine,

    Someone wise once told me that we should live our lives in a way that, when we pass, the most important words spoken about you will be “They made a difference.

    In the game of addiction, hope is hard to come by, the pain swallows people whole and the wounds can turn into an unimaginable cancer. If one can muster up enough strength and conviction, recovery is possible. But still, the process has to include the contrasting element to addiction, connection.

    At Imagine, Felicia, you’ve devoted your life to be a healer. You have provided the pace for connection – that is a crucial element in having a chance at conquering addiction. The wonderful staff are all as equally important as you are. Thank you all for your compassion. It is a breath of fresh air!

    I know I speak on behalf of many people when I say… Imagine is making a difference in this world!

    Thank you.

    TL 🙂
  • When I came through the doors of Imagine last year, I looked and felt like the “before” photo in a pet adoption advertisement: Sick, scared, confused, and probably not smelling all that great. I didn’t know exactly what I needed, only that I wanted a better life, a healthier, happier one. Soon after, I became Imagine Client #1. No pressure, right? After ten weeks of IOP and eight weeks of outpatient treatment, I felt as though I’d been born again. It’s not hard to see why Imagine has chosen a phoenix as its spirit animal and logo, a legendary mythical creature that is continuously born anew from its own ashes. And that’s precisely how I feel today, rebuilt from the charred remains of an unhealthy and fearful life, a new and better man, husband, brother, son, and (at least I hope) member of the human race. For the first time in a long time, I have peace, health, and hope, which are no small things. I am, and will always be, eternally grateful for those gifts.

    Scott G.






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