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Family Support and Education in New Orleans

Addiction affects all members of a person’s family. Family support and education while attending our treatment at Imagine Recovery is an essential part of the treatment plan. Programs to educate the family so they can understand how addiction works and how the substance being abused can affect the mind and body are part of recovery. Without education and support needed from the family, relapse is a greater possibility for clients in treatment.

Family dynamics might have been dysfunctional from the beginning and Imagine Recovery in New Orleans addresses these concerns. Lack of communication, skewed beliefs and thoughts about family life, and factors affecting the economy can all be contributing factors to addiction. Choosing a negative coping mechanism may be the only option for those who are not educated concerning a healthy lifestyle. Enabling behaviors within the family can also deter the person from withdrawing from addiction on their own.

During the assessment and evaluation of the person, we use motivational interviewing (MI) to determine how motivated the client is to change their behaviors and commit to sobriety. Families often have a huge bearing on this decision. Determining the family history of the person with an addiction is also addressed during this assessment. Imagine Recovery realizes that family dysfunction can stem from generational vices.

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Behaviors that Negatively Affect the Person Experiencing Addiction

The person with an addiction in a family situation is oftentimes affected negatively by other family members who are simply trying to keep the peace. Sometimes, these behaviors appear to be helpful, yet serve to enable the misuse of the substance involved. Psychoeducation can help families become aware of their possible participation in the addiction process.

Behaviors commonly found within the family dynamic when a family member is addicted include:

  • Blaming
  • Shaming
  • Using judgmental labels
  • Referring to certain family member being codependent or an enabler

Learning through psychoeducational family support therapy, family members can learn how to offer education, support, and empathy that can help in the treatment plan. Family support is an invaluable part of treatment. The family unit can be healed with education and support for all members. Our programs are designed with this in mind.

What is Family Support and Education?

During the intake and assessment for the addicted individual, Imagine Recovery coordinates with the family members to assess the family unit for damages incurred through the addiction. Family counseling can be scheduled and other needs addressed for family education through psychoeducational programs. Specialized programs are designed for different age groups experiencing addiction. Factors considered with designing family support and educational needs are:

  • Racial/ethnic background
  • Level of acculturation
  • Immigration/nativity status
  • History of military service

Examples of Family Support and Education Programs in New Orleans

Family support and education programs include options for those in recovery and their loved ones. Some programs work on specific problems while others address more general issues, like communication and conflict resolution. In addition, these programs can include support for individual family members. That way, each person can resolve personal issues that strain the family as a whole.

The following are some of the programs to help families at Imagine Recovery:


Learning about the components of addiction is an important starting point for the education of all family members. Once there is a clear understanding of how addiction occurs and how difficult it is to break, progress can be made through individual therapy for family members. The main focus is to teach family members how their behaviors and interactions with their family members affects them. Imagine Recovery New Orleans rehab reinforces the need for family support to prevent relapse and positively support recovery and treatment plans.

Psychoeducation addresses components of the family dynamic addicted families share with one another. Research has found common characteristics in families involved with an addicted member. Our rehab in New Orleans highlights these characteristics during psychoeducation sessions with family members. Treatment plans for our clients include the development of these all important skills to change the behaviors from negatively affected to healthy and positive behaviors.

Some of those characteristics include:

  • Problems with communication
  • Chronic conflicts
  • Parenting skills and styles
  • Family cohesion
  • Family attitudes about addiction

Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT)

BSFT counselors establish relationships with each family member over 12 to 16 sessions. Observations are made and noted concerning family behaviors and attitudes towards other family members to find the negative interaction patterns that have transpired within the family unit. Our rehab programs use extensive support systems that will enhance the treatment plan for the client while reinforcing the stability of the family support system.

Once negative behavior patterns are found and addressed the family unit mediates to resolve the negative behaviors and replaces them with positive and healthy behaviors. Imagine Recovery finds these family sessions invaluable with the clients’ resolve to stay sober as it offers hope for everyone involved for a happier and sober family unit.

Family Behavior Therapy (FBT)

This type of family therapy centers around addressing behavioral and addiction problems using CBT and Contingency Management. Therapists work with one parent and adolescent at a time to identify behavioral problems and improve communication and coping skills for resolving conflicts. Goals are set and rewards are provided upon accomplishment of treatment plan.

Self-Care for Supporting Family Members

Education on self-care for family members supporting the addicted family member are important factors in maintaining balance in the family unit. Rehab includes counseling on how to deal with stress, past resentments and strain caused by addiction. Learning the importance of nutritional needs, sleep schedules, socializing and individual counseling for all family members can help the supporters maintain viability in support of their addicted loved one.

Benefits of Family Support and Education in New Orleans

Our programs are initiated for family support and education because the family unit must be healed as well as the addicted patient. Support and education is a must-have for those who are reinforcing the positive and healthy behaviors being learned through the treatment plan of the addicted. Without this element of therapy, a relapse could very well be a possibility. All effort needs to be made to prevent relapse of the addicted once they have made the commitment to become sober.

Relearning behaviors and communication skills may be exactly what the family unit needed to avoid future addictions in the children of the addict. Addiction is generational and unless intervention is made with education and individual therapy to identify underlying problems. Imagine Recovery family support and educational options can be reviewed and included to work in harmony with the addict’s treatment plan for full success on both parts.

Begin Family Support and Education in New Orleans, LA

If your family member has made the important commitment to become sober and enlist in a treatment facility for recovery, contact us immediately to discuss the next step you need to take in the process! Imagine Recovery in New Orleans, Louisiana encourages family participation and includes the steps needed to teach the family helpful communication and behaviors to aid in the unity of the family unit. We have a staff of professionals who can include the entire family in the treatment process. Visit our admissions page today.

In addition, we offer a Family Support Group bi-weekly on Zoom for client and alumni families at 5:30 pm on Wednesdays. Please call Imagine at (504) 605-4095 for details and browse our Imagine calendar for dates the group is being held.


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About Imagine Recovery

  • To the wonderful people of Imagine,

    Someone wise once told me that we should live our lives in a way that, when we pass, the most important words spoken about you will be “They made a difference.

    In the game of addiction, hope is hard to come by, the pain swallows people whole and the wounds can turn into an unimaginable cancer. If one can muster up enough strength and conviction, recovery is possible. But still, the process has to include the contrasting element to addiction, connection.

    At Imagine, Felicia, you’ve devoted your life to be a healer. You have provided the pace for connection – that is a crucial element in having a chance at conquering addiction. The wonderful staff are all as equally important as you are. Thank you all for your compassion. It is a breath of fresh air!

    I know I speak on behalf of many people when I say… Imagine is making a difference in this world!

    Thank you.

    TL 🙂
  • When I came through the doors of Imagine last year, I looked and felt like the “before” photo in a pet adoption advertisement: Sick, scared, confused, and probably not smelling all that great. I didn’t know exactly what I needed, only that I wanted a better life, a healthier, happier one. Soon after, I became Imagine Client #1. No pressure, right? After ten weeks of IOP and eight weeks of outpatient treatment, I felt as though I’d been born again. It’s not hard to see why Imagine has chosen a phoenix as its spirit animal and logo, a legendary mythical creature that is continuously born anew from its own ashes. And that’s precisely how I feel today, rebuilt from the charred remains of an unhealthy and fearful life, a new and better man, husband, brother, son, and (at least I hope) member of the human race. For the first time in a long time, I have peace, health, and hope, which are no small things. I am, and will always be, eternally grateful for those gifts.

    Scott G.

  • I will NEVER forget you and Chris taking my hand and walking me through the hardest time in my life. Your words gave me hope when I needed it the most. I make 6 months this week!!”

    Catilin S.


    I can’t say enough how much Imagine has impacted my life. Being in a new city, I felt lucky and grateful that a place like Imagine was a familiarity and sort-of home base in my life for the first couple months – and I know it will always be there for me moving forward. It has not only helped me build a strong community and confidence as I start this new chapter of my life, but it also has given me tools to continue to succeed in whatever life throws at me.


  • Felicia & Chris,

    We are beyond grateful for what you have done for our son and our family. You caught a soul before he fell too far and redirected the course of his life. What we are learning about epigenetics is that you have not only impacted our son, but also his future children and their children. You are deeply impacting this world. You are both such inspirations to all those that are fortunate enough to know you.

    Parents of an Imagine alumni

    Hi everybody,
    To everyone in the Imagine Family, I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. This truly was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. I promise to come back every now and again because I don’t want to lose touch with the people that changed my life for the better.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you and with love,

    Anonymous male graduate, 24

  • I was sitting outside, enjoying the breeze, watching the trees sway and admiring the beautiful colors. For me, that is a stillness I was once uncomfortable being in. I must admit, I did not think I needed IOP at Imagine after completing a 30-day inpatient program. In fact, I felt I knew all the cliché sayings, read the material, had it thrown at me from every direction, and I would not gain anything from attending IOP post-inpatient treatment. Oh how wrong I was! While attending group meetings and one-on-ones, I gained so much insight, compassion and confidence. I learned to fully forgive, both myself and others. I am more patient when I used to be reactionary. The shell of a person I once considered myself is now humbly strong. And guess what – I like me. I could not have made these leaps without the guidance and suggestions I received at Imagine. I am beyond grateful to have y’all as part of my journey. Thank you so much for everything you do and everything you’ve allowed me to gain through your program. 

    Much Love Ladies 🙂







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