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Meet the Team: Sonia Gupta, LMSW

At Imagine Recovery, we are proud to introduce the passionate and multifaceted Sonia Gupta, LMSW, who brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our team. With a rich background that spans multiple disciplines and cities, Sonia’s journey to social work and her current role in supporting individuals with substance use and mental health disorders is truly inspiring.

A Journey Rooted in Acadiana, Flourishing in New Orleans

Sonia Gupta grew up in Acadiana and has made New Orleans her home since 2003, though her path has also taken her to Denver and Los Angeles. Her academic journey began with a B.A. in English and American Literature from New York University, followed by a law degree from Loyola University New Orleans.

From Law to Tech to Social Work

Sonia’s professional journey is as diverse as her academic background. She has served as a public defender, prosecutor, and assistant attorney general for the State of Louisiana. A brief stint in the tech industry as a software developer and developer advocate provided her with unique insights, ultimately reinforcing her belief that our social ills are best addressed in the analog world, where we can be present with each other.

Her passion for social change led her to pursue an MSW from Tulane’s School of Social Work. Since then, Sonia has dedicated her career to working with individuals suffering from substance use and mental health disorders, embodying her belief in human resilience and redemption.

In Her Own Words

Sonia shares, “This process isn’t just about the weeks you spend in treatment at Imagine. This process is about your entire life. It’s a way to discover tools that will work for you when you need them most. It’s a way to know yourself again, if you got lost somewhere along the way. Sobriety is kind of the bare minimum, in many ways. This process is about so much more than that. We don’t just want you to survive, to white-knuckle your way through a miserable existence. We want you to thrive. In this journey, we are your partners. We walk alongside you as you learn to come back into yourself. You’re not doing this alone. In fact, this process relies heavily upon your willingness to be seen by others, to be supported and known by others. Transformation often requires us to be willing to be seen by others before we can more accurately see ourselves. This is your life’s work. Your time at Imagine will just be a part of that journey, but oh, what a remarkable part it will be! We look forward to walking with you.” This perspective shapes her approach to social work and underscores the importance of human connection in the healing process.

We are thrilled to have Sonia Gupta, LMSW, as part of the Imagine Recovery family. Her diverse experiences, profound insights, and unwavering commitment to social change make her an invaluable asset to our team and to those we serve.

Stay tuned for more introductions as we continue to highlight the incredible team members at Imagine Recovery who are dedicated to making a difference every day.

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